Commercial Work

We have worked with some of the largest commercial construction companies and private landlords in Norfolk, a few of which can be seen below. From repainting student houses in very quick times, ready for new students, to painting brand new homes being built in and around Norfolk. Ian's team will have the professional know-how, the speed and be able to pitch a job at the right price for your company. 

Private Homes & Property

If your house is due some repainting, or if you have just bought a house and are planning a top to bottom restoration project, we would love to hear from you. Employing a professional decorator isn't as much as you'd think and because we do it day in, day out, we can paint rooms a lot quicker than most DIY homeowners. Excellent service means everything to us, so we make sure we tidy up fully before we leave allowing you to enjoy your newly decorated area. 

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Our Services Include

Interior & Exterior Painting  // Dry Wall Repairs  // Power Washing // Wallpaper Removal  // Garage Floor Coating  // Flood Damage // and much more...

Our Services